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  • Working Independently

Is the most challenging work as you have to adapt very quickly to the identity of each of the clients or build one for them. 

Client: Leonel Castañeda

Organisation: Artist

Challenge: After working for 30 years as an artist he wanted to squeeze all his work in a portfolio, so we had to go though all his work and be selective and choose the work that represented the most of him.

Role: Graphic Designer and Art Directer 

Results: A clean website that shows his experience as an artist and is easy for him to update and be modified.

Client: National Service of Learning  SENA

Organisation:  Largest government company in Colombia for education. 

Challenge: Already having strict rules for their branding, so having to adapt very quickly to keep their way however always proposing new techniques for an ever changing society.

Role: Communication & Design Manager

Results: Clear information with colourful graphics.

Client: Fundapain

Organisation:  Social Work.

Challenge: This 'Start Up' has been working for years with out keeping any record of their work, so collect all the info and built an identity that they feel connected with.

Role: Web Designer 

Results: We built a site where all the team was involved, they supplied all the photos and memories from past projects. The final product is a website that represent what they do.